We do influence

We are in the business to maximize your influence and guide you in understanding what makes others tick.

Our team has a wide range of specialties from stakeholder engagement over crisis management to negotiations – that means we like to come in when the going gets tough. Not only can we assist you through an extensive network and by being the thought leaders in our fields. We will also challenge your perceptions and beliefs to jointly develop and execute a strategy that leads to the ultimate goal: maximize influence in your world.

How we work

We work with our clients to create a negotiation culture that drives profit, mitigates risk and reduces cost. Our management consultants partner with you face-to-face or remotely to implement a rigorous process and proven methodology, and ensure you maximize every variable for a successful outcome.

Preparation Strategy Process Result

Who pick our brains

We work with individuals and institutions to cultivate both the sensibility and the capacity to harness differences, engage challenging conversations, promote creativity, and foster mutual gain. Our organizational clients range from Fortune 500 companies, to governmental agencies and international nonprofits. Our individual clients come from diverse backgrounds and professional facilities, and have included government officials, executives, NGO’s, politicians and entrepreneurs.


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