A group of people in a modern office
A group of people in a modern office

One of the biggest challenges that organizations currently face is bridging the gender gap. Negotiation can play a key role in addressing issues related to gender equality and promoting a more inclusive work environment.

By recognizing what and how you negotiate, you can gain insights into how to collaborate more effectively with others. This can create an environment in which everyone's voice is heard and everyone has access to equal opportunities, resources, and decision-making power.  

Together with BrainExplainers, &fluence can support its clients in this challenge by offering practical strategies to change the way negotiations are conducted to overcome gender biases and create inclusive work environments. In addition, we offer workshops that enable individuals to develop skills to bridge the gender gap in the workplace and achieve equal opportunities. We believe that all parties play an important role in addressing this challenge, which is why we focus on both guiding management and educating employees.

The key related topics included in our strategies and workshops are:

  • Gender pay gap

  • Representation in leadership positions

  • Work-life balance & compensation

  • Unconscious (gender) bias

  • Dealing with difficult people and power imbalances 

Our Services:

Gender in Negotiation - Open Enrollment

Our 2-day open enrollment workshop provides a unique opportunity for individuals to sharpen their negotiation skills and strategies while increasing their awareness of gender biases and cognitive limitations alongside other working professionals across different sectors and fields.

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Gender in Negotiation Workshop

Our Gender in Negotiation workshop is a customized, multi-day training for management and teams, providing them with the skills to navigate negotiation dynamics, address gender biases, and overcome cognitive limitations in the workplace, enabling both male and female negotiators to drive positive change regardless of their career stage.

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