There is a better way
to tell your story


Resolve difficult problems

We support businesses, politicians, NGOs, and individuals in the news in making strategic choices. We provide support in building and protecting reputations and ensuring that parties are brought into contact with each other to combine forces.


How do you maintain a conversation?

How do you engage with policymakers, entrepreneurs, and society, and how does your story make an impact? We believe that dialogue helps to address the major societal challenges of our time. We map out all interests and assist with the implementation.


How do you come up with a solution?

Negotiation is a process in which you can create value and improve relationships with stakeholders through trust and collaboration. Not only during the negotiations but also for the future. We do not approach negotiations as a conflict but as a study in complex collaboration to help our clients reduce differences and increase shared opportunities.


How do you best tacklea complex issue?

To gain and/or increase influence, it is important not only to know your target audience well, but also to truly understand them. We ensure that your story is shared, heard, and understood in the right way.


How do you increase your influence?

Our team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds, with extensive knowledge and experience in both the public and private sector. We spar with our clients and also hold up a mirror to them. This is not always pleasant, but necessary. This enables us to offer our clients the right strategy, with which they can maximize their influence.

How do we work?

We work in three closely related areas: negotiation, dialogue, and strategic communication

We ensure that the story with which our clients go public is extensively tested and refined. Then we stand side by side to engage in the conversation with the outside world. This can be with parties that are on the same page, but of course also with critics. Not only to persuade, but also to discover common ground.

Creativity is essential in this process. We always look for a way to achieve mutual gain, no matter how complex the situation. We provide clients with a unique perspective, from negotiations and strategy to crisis management and media advice.

People in a studio are talking about influence
People in a studio are talking about influence
People in a studio are talking about influence

Who do we challenge?

Heineken / Rijksmuseum / Orange Capital Partners / Dura Vermeer / Maeve Aerospace / RijkZwaan / MSD / Berenschot / Creatieve Coalitie / Chiesi / Zorginstituut Nederland / Holla Advocaten / Internationaal Theater Amsterdam / Ministeries van Buitenlandse Zaken, Infrastructuur & Waterstaat, Economische Zaken & Klimaat