The Hague, June 27, 2024 - The National Negotiation Prize 2024 has been awarded to Fleur Ravensbergen for her negotiating style. This audience prize was established to bring more attention to the importance of negotiation in the Netherlands. 

Fleur Ravensbergen is a peace negotiator. She is active as a negotiator in armed conflicts and as a mediator in leadership conflicts. In addition, she teaches conflict management at the University of Amsterdam. Ravensbergen is one of the founders of the Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG). Through her work for the DAG, she has contributed, among other things, to the disarmament of ETA in the Basque Country and to negotiations on disarmament in Northern Ireland. 

“Fleur Ravensbergen shows that even in extreme situations, it is essential to take the time to understand the interests of the parties at the negotiation table and to invest in the relationship. Dutch people often tend to follow their assumptions about counterparts, without asking why these parties take certain positions. This does not get to the heart of the conversation. While negotiation is all about finding each other in shared interests, and both benefiting from it. Proud of this winner of the National Negotiation Prize, who, like the NLBVO, embodies this vision!”, said Tim Masselink, chairman of the NLBVO

Gerdi Verbeet is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award 2024: The NLBVO jury awards her this prize for her exceptional negotiation skills, characteristic style, and valuable contributions to societal issues. Gerdi received the prize during our Summer Meeting in Nieuwspoort from jury chair Marry de Gaay Fortman (partner and lawyer at Houthoff). 

De Gaay Fortman about Gerdi Verbeet: “Gerdi is always constructive, warm, and sharp when necessary. The negotiation style of Gerdi Verbeet is an example for many, or should be. She has made a great contribution in politics and as a director in the business community. We are proud of this first female winner of the lifetime achievement award.”

Quote Gerdi Verbeet: “For me, negotiation starts with a profound understanding of the interests and desires of the other party and the other stakeholders in the end result, who may not be at the table. Furthermore, it is important to test/probe the appreciation of proposals in advance. A negotiation is successful when all parties involved are satisfied with the new future opportunities it offers."

Gerdi Verbeet has an impressive career as a Dutch politician and executive, with current positions as chairman of the supervisory board at Unilever Food Solutions Netherlands and a director at Novamedia. Previously, she was, among other things, chairman of the House of Representatives of the States General and chairman of the National Committee for 4 and 5 May.