Negotiator's Brain Training

Become a better negotiator by understanding what is going on in your brain during negotiations.

At &FLUENCE we believe that gaining insight into how the brain works leads to improved decision making at the negotiation table. That's why we teamed up with BrainExplainers to establish the training program The Negotiator’s Brain. This training utilizes the synergy of our expertise and provides a fresh perspective on negotiations by dissecting what happens at the negotiation table and in your head.

Through practical examples and case studies, this training illustrates how you can get more out of your negotiations in a way that feels comfortable and enjoyable and capitalizes on the strengths you already possess.


Understanding how your brain works during stressful negotiations and identifying thoughts and patterns that may be holding you back

Insights to achieve better results in all negotiations using essential negotiation theories and concepts (e.g. Harvard method)

Recognizing different negotiation types and discovering what kind of negotiator you are

Applying emotions as an advantage instead of a disadvantage

Tips & tricks to reduce the impact of stress on your negotiation skills


€920,- excluding VAT