Danique Reidsma

Senior Consultant

Specialized in

Developing effective strategies and communications towards government and politics

Strategic guidance and influencing social decision-making

Public finance and political framing



Danique has extensive experience in politics and the national government. She previously worked as an advisor to the Minister of Finance for multiple cabinet periods, specializing in social affairs, healthcare, and collective labor agreement negotiations. Prior to that, Danique served as a political advisor to various members of the House of Representatives for several years. She also frequently initiated, coordinated, and executed (political) campaigns. As a result, she is able to connect issues to relevant societal developments and translate it into an effective strategy and communication.

Danique presents a realistic view on arguments and strategies, and whether they find reception in The Hague. She encourages her clients to consider the contributions they can make to policies based on their expertise. This enables them to be genuine conversational partners in The Hague.