Leon Delansay

Junior Consultant

Specialized in

Interdisciplinary Collaboration 

Creative Problem-Solving

Stakeholder Engagement

Client Relationship

Strategic Communication


Leon Delansay is a Junior Consultant at &FLUENCE, equipped with a diverse mix of skills and experiences. His drive is fueled by the prospect of facilitating meaningful dialogues, effective negotiations, and devising comprehensive strategies.

At the Dutch Embassy in Ankara, he gained experience in coming up with creative problem-solving approaches in a playing field with contrasting viewpoints. Leon is driven in tackling complex challenges and has a dedication to bringing various groups together.

Furthermore, he worked as a Sustainable Client Advisor, where he advised multiple stakeholders on European and national policy on themes such as sustainable finance and climate transition.

Leon is excited to leverage his background and insights, inspired by the idea that thoughtful engagement and strategic negotiations can lead to the most effective solutions.


"Negotiation is not a confrontation but a dialogue, where the most effective negotiator listens rather than speaks"